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Cleaning Women

I bought a new vacuum yesterday. We needed it. We really needed it. I thought we had a pretty clean home. It was a blue collar, rancher that was built in the 50s. It is quote cute and we will make it even nicer as the years go one but for some reason it has seemed that no matter how hard I cleaned it just wasn’t getting clean. I used the oxy clean stuff for the carpets and everything. Well Saturday, I was vacuuming and realized that the vacuum wasn’t sucking anything. I mean nothing at all. I was so mad, I bought a new one yesterday. Now, I don’t get paid to advertise or this but I do love it. It is a Bissell Turbo Pro (or something like that…) All I know is it sucks! I mean that in a good way. We brought it home and I didn’t want to stop cleaning the carpet. I wanted to powder and spray and clean and everything! I am a very happy camper. Of course, thinking about cleaning reminds me of the great song “Cleaning Women” from the musical “Working”….So enjoy.


About jrybka4177

I am an opinionated person who is happily married to my husband. (Yes that means I am gay!) I have a dog and two cats. I live in the blue collar suburbs outside of Washington DC. (College Park, MD). This is my story.

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